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Lectures ULPGC
Lecture 1: Intro. & shallow water island wakes
1.1 Introduction to ocean circulation numerical models [pdf]
1.2 Dimensionless numbers [pdf]
1.3 Shallow water Island wakes [pdf]

Lecture 2: Deep-water island wakes
2.1 Barotropic studies [pdf]
2.2 Baroclinic studies [pdf]

Lecture 3: Anatomy of island induced eddies [pdf]
3.1 Anticyclonic eddies
3.2 Cyclonic eddies

Lecture 4: Island-eddy interaction & wake flow interference
4.1 Islands as eddy splitters [pdf]
4.2 Wake flow interference 

Lecture 5: Other less studied island effects
5.1 Secondary island induced circulation
5.2 Wave sheltering effects [pdf]
5.3 Wind induced wakes [pdf]
(?) 5.4 Internal wave generation (?)

Laboratory: Re sensitivity study in a barotropic island wake (Prof. Pablo Sangrá)

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